Compact and lightweight

Boasting exceptional power and acceleration, the F175 is also quiet, smooth and equipped with the latest in multi-point Electronic Fuel Injection system.

Based on the award-winning F200 inline 4, the all-new F175 is the lightest outboard motor in its class.
Featuring a 2.8 liter, DOHC in-line 4 cylinder engine, this light-weight powerhouse has been engineered to be the first choice for boaters in the mid-to-high horse power category.

Weighing in at a class-leading 219kg, the compact and lightweight design of the F175 is the ideal choice for boaters looking to repower with a four-stroke engine. The superior power-to-weight ratio and efficient 4-cylinder design, translates to unrivaled fuel economy, reliability and performance. The F175 features 660mm mounting centers, making the F175 the ideal choice for repowering and twin rig applications on narrow transoms.


2.8 Litre, EFI, DOHC, In-line 4-Cylinder, 16 valve engine

The new class-leading F175 utilizes a blend of advanced technologies offering exceptional horsepower per liter and an impressive high power-to-weight ratio. Superior efficiency is achieved across the whole RPM range through features like EFI, 4 valves per cylinder, and DOHC (Dual Overhead Camshafts). The DOHC system provides more precise valve timing control, and the use of four valves per cylinder exchanges intake air and exhaust gases more efficiently for responsive power and increased fuel efficiency.

10mm Offset Crankshaft

The F175 is ultra-compact due to the introduction of the innovative offset crankshaft and gear-driven balance shafts. The F175 sees the introduction of a 10mm offset crankshaft which encourages efficient combustion transfer.

Variable Trolling Control

Variable Trolling RPM allows you to fine-tune your trolling speed in 50-RPM increments (between 650 and 900 RPM depending on the model).
The Variable Trolling feature allows anglers to adjust the boat trolling speed in small speed increments. The ability to fine-tune lure presentations to even the fussiest species gives fishermen unprecedented advantages.

High Output Alternator

With 50 amps of total alternator output, the F175 provides a 13 percent increase in power compared to the F200 V6. Today’s boats need more charging power to accommodate the wide variety of on-board electronic devices. The alternator also offers high output at relatively low rpm.

Optimum Performance & Efficiency

Eight different sensors constantly measure vital atmospheric conditions and engine functions to give the Engine Control Module (ECM) the information needed to precisely and instantly adjust the fuel/air mixture for optimum performance and economy.

Yamaha Phaze Five paint process

Yamaha’s exclusive ACP-221 Phase Five paint process provides a tough, five-layer barrier against corrosion. It’s a key part of our renowned Ultimate Corrosion Protection System, which is standard on all Yamaha High Power Four-Stroke Outboards.

Command Link (optional)

All our EFI engines can be linked, via Yamaha’s own digital network system, to a wide range of instruments – to help you get the best from your engine. A multi-function tachometer displays RPM, engine hours, trim angle, oil pressure and warning lamps. The combined Speed and Fuel Management gauge shows speed, fuel tank level and economy data, whilst the inclusion of the YCOP security will give peace of mind protection.

Shift Dampener System (SDS) Propeller

Eliminating the ‘clunk’ sound normally associated with moving between gears, Yamaha’s patented Shift Dampener System (SDS) uses a splined aft washer and a splined runner hub to absorb noise, vibration and improve reliability. This carefully engineered solution brings smoother, quieter gear shifts.



Engine Type 4-Stroke, 16 Valve DOHC Direct Action In-Line 4
Displacement 2785 cc
Bore x Stroke 96 x 96.2 mm
Recommended Max RPM 5000-6000
Lubrication System Wet sump
Fuel Management Electronic Fuel Injection
Ignition TCI
Starter System Electric
Alternator Output 12V – 50A with rectifier regulator
Operation Method Remote Control
Trim & Tilt Method Power Trim & Tilt
Digital Gauges Optional
Digital Network Gauges with Fuel Management Optional
Gear Ratio 1.86 : 1
OEDA Emission Rating


  • 516|643|516|643|643 [inch]
  • 219|220|219|220|220 [kg]